Zion Counseling Center

Urgent need to expand our child counseling facilities.

Zion boys come to the orphanage from difficult backgrounds – family dysfunction, death of a parent, abuse. They are often plagued by frustrations, fears and low self-esteem.

That's why our acclaimed Zion Counseling Center - professional psychologists, social workers and therapists - is so key to a successful turnaround for Zion boys.

With the number of boys in our care increasing, we have an urgent need to expand our counseling facilities to include:

  1. Two additional psychiatric social workers
  2. Additional child psychologist
  3. Additional space for evaluating and counseling the children
  4. Larger meeting room for staff consultations
  5. Additional space to host the children's guardians

Your gift to the Zion Counseling Center provides additional staff and facilities to unlock the children's inner world, and spark their creative potential and joy.

Your gift to the Zion Counseling Center will help guide these boys to inner stability, emotional maturity, and the keys to a promising future.

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