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Children view the world around them with innocent simplicity, capable of prayers that pierce the heavens. For the Zion boys, prayer is an opportunity to develop one's inner world – by opening the heart and reaching beyond the physical realm.

King David states in Psalms, "God is the Father of all orphans." Orphans pray with a purity and simplicity directed to the Source of all blessing. This is the power of the Zion boys' prayers.

Fill out the form below to request your prayer. Every week, the submitted prayers are read in the Zion Orphanage synagogue. We've seen soldiers saved on the battlefield, patients recover from incurable illnesses, women give birth to healthy children after years of barrenness, marriage partners found after much searching, and more.

Supporting the children who pray on your behalf is a powerful statement: Just as you provide for God's children, He will provide for you.

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