Kaddish and Yahrzeit: Honoring the Deceased

Securing your place in the heart of Jerusalem.

Eternal reward is determined by achievements during one's lifetime, combined with the ongoing impact left behind. The traditional way to keep a loved one' memory alive is by saying Kaddish – the public proclamation sanctifying God's name -- and by studying a portion of Mishnayot.

At Zion Orphanage, we will recite Kaddish and study Mishanyot in honor of your loved one -- every day during the first year of passing, and in perpetuity every year on the Yahrtzeit (anniversary of passing). All in the holy city of Jerusalem.

Reminders will be sent to the loved one's family prior to the Yahrtzeit.

To honor your loved one, please fill out this form. We will then contact you regarding more details.

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