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This past Tuesday, November 30th, Israeli Parliament (Knesset) minister David Azulay passed away. Born in Morocco, David Azulay came to Israel at age five in 1963 with his family. Two years later he entered his new home, the Zion Orphanage, where he remained for seven years. David later began a 20-year teaching career. With time he became the school's assistant principal and later the principle. Recognized and appreciated as being exceptionally gifted, he was asked to join the city's municipality and for years he worked in both education and in politics. In 1997 David became a member of the Knesset, serving for over 20 years representing the Sephardic political party. During his political career he focused primarily on social welfare issues, sitting on numerous committees involving education, public health, environment, security and finance. May his memory always be a source of inspiration.

Thank you to all who responded generously to our recent postal Passover mailing highlighting the new campus student residence campaign. Apparently, some experienced difficulty donating online. Please take this opportunity now to help the Zion boys.

Pictured are some Zion boys performing during the annual Purim play. The Zion Orphanage children and staff wish you a very happy and uplifting Purim celebration!

Springtime generates feelings of renewal and vitality as expressed by fresh, blossoming flowers. Working with plants can be a rewarding and therapeutic experience. Here a professional gardener teaches the Zion boys techniques for nurturing plants, along with a deeper appreciation of the wonders of creation.

Zion Orphanage prides itself on creating a sense of family and caring among the boys. Pictured here is a festive Bar Mitzvah celebration, with music provided by the Zion Band and Choir.

With the weather warming up in Israel, the Zion boys look forward to field trips throughout the beautiful and diverse Land of Israel. If you are visiting Israel during these summer months, please come by to meet the children and staff.

Boys from our Zion Band and Choir recently spent many hours in a professional recording studio in Jerusalem, producing a new CD. Pictured here, as viewed through the studio glass booth, Zion boys focus intently on their recording session.

A Zion Orphanage martial arts student practicing in the city what he has learned in our Krav Magga self-defense program.

Our recent Summer Camp featured the exotic and exciting adventure of rappelling. Here, a professional instructor explains to the enthralled Zion boys the guidelines for a safe and successful activity.

Through the generosity of a donor, the Zion boys were recently treated to an elaborate ice cream party, with various flavors and toppings. The sweet taste is a message to them of how much people care.

For most Zion boys, Hebrew is their only spoken language. Many visitors to our Jerusalem campus have inquired about the need for the boys to learn English, the universal language. Thanks to a recent donation, we hired Rabbi Chaim Gogek, a language teacher with an outstanding reputation and over 30 years of experience. The English classes are animated and fu, with the boys quickly acquiring their new language skills.

Zion boys enjoy a trip to northern Israel and Mount Hermon, the country's tallest peak. A cable car ride up the mountain offers fresh mountain air and panoramic vistas.

This week the Zion boys were ecstatic over the story and gifts each one received. An organization by the name of "Children Giving To Children International" based in San Diego, CA, matched up a local synagogue with Zion Orphanage. They worked for months making handmade blankets. Then the heads of the organization brought the beautiful and warm blankets to Israel in order to enjoy giving them to each child.

The Zion kids love swimming. Besides the great fun involved, learning how to manage in water is one of those essential skills everyone should know. Although there is no pool on campus, the boys are treated to regular swimming outings at one of the local public swimming pools in the city of Jerusalem.

For those with talent and the opportunity to learn, there is nothing like producing your own music. Zion boys love their keyboard lessons

Computer skills are an essential part of today's education. Our dual-faceted course provides both the basic ability of working with computers, as well as entrance to a higher level proficiency. Computer graphics, combining creative and technical, is now part of the Zion boys' standard curriculum.

Over 100 years ago, our founder Rabbi A.Y. Blumenthal emphasized confidence-building activities that enhance creativity and imagination. Today, whether it's music, photography, computers or electronics, these activities stimulate the Zion boys' social, emotional, linguistic and cognitive capabilities.

Bamba is an Israeli snack enjoyed by children throughout the world. Made from peanut butter-flavored puffed corn, Bamba contains no cholesterol, preservatives or food coloring and is enriched with vitamins. Recently, the Zion boys enjoyed competing to produce the most creative design by sticking the Bambas together with toothpicks.

At ZO, one of the many fun, experiential activities is cooking and baking. An effective way to develop creativity and independence, the boys gain a firsthand sensory experience, both in preparing the food and enjoying the delicious results.

With war an unfortunate part of Israel's history, abandoned tanks, planes and halftracks dot the landscape. Here the Zion boys enjoy climbing on a tank turned into a jungle gym.

Last night the Zion boys were treated to playing with the popular Japanese toy LaQ. Teaching the children was visiting Japanese native Masashi.

In honor of Zion boys' birthdays, we strive to provide a memorable experience that includes popular singers, jugglers and clowns.

On an evening outing, Zion boys enjoy a sculpture located near Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem.

Our highly-successful "Mishpachtone" family units consist of an energetic young couple and a group of twelve Zion boys. This unique arrangement provides a genuine sense of caring family life. Here the boys share together some quiet reading time.

During this past winter the Zion Orphanage campus received a uniquely designed water and air heating system. Standard gas and electric heating systems tend to be quite expense and harm the environment. The new system collects heat from the environment and accumulates it in a huge hot water reservoir (pictured), while producing additional heat through a process of gas compression. The pumps operate with high efficiency, work quietly, do not pollute the environment and is saving the Orphanage 70% of the previous heating costs.

During the past month Israel has been enjoying much needed rain. One of the many benefits is an increased flow of water in the Jordan River, enjoyed by the Zion boys during the recent rafting trip.

Zion boys enjoy a camel ride in the Negev desert.

Prior to enjoying a festive Bar Mitzvah celebration in the evening, the Zion Bar Mitzvah boys and their friends pray at the Jerusalem Old City Kotel (Western Wall).

You could feel the energy in the air during a recent fun-filled evening of group competitions. Pictured here, in the courtyard of Zion Orphanage, the boys engage in a modified skateboard race.

This week the Zion boys are enjoying the newly installed cushioned playground floor thanks to the generosity of some Zion Orphanage supporters. Thank you!

The weather is still pleasant here in Jerusalem. This week the Zion boys enjoyed skating and other sports activities in the city's largest park, Gan Soccer.

Every child loves birthday gifts

Our annual Summer Camp features hiking in the fresh-water streams of the Golan Heights. The boys get a change of scenery, fresh air, and an appreciation of the beauty of our natural world. After a full day of activities, the Zion boys pass out from exhaustion

A few days ago three more Zion Orphanage kids celebrated their Bar Mitzvah. During the joyous celebration our Zion boys choir performed.

One of the most enjoyable activities for Zion boys is making their own Purim costumes. Nothing quite matches the pleasure of working hard on a project, then personally benefiting from it and sharing it with others.

At Zion Orphanage, we encourage a balance of healthy body, mind and soul. Here, some Zion boys enjoy creative gymnastics in our indoor exercise facility.

When you enter the courtyard of Zion Orphanage, you can hear sounds usually heard only in a zoo or the wilderness. Our on-campus "mini-zoo" houses raccoons, hamsters, rabbits, talking parrots, birds, a snake, flying squirrels, a tarantula, fish and more. These comprise the foundation of our acclaimed animal-assisted therapy program.

As part of the new agriculture program the Zion high school age boys build their own on-campus garden (pictured upper left) including the fenced in area and the digitally run irrigation system. This week they enjoyed eating the first grown vegetables, long yellow beans.

Following an exceptional rainy winter the rivers and steams in Northern Israel are flowing steadily and with force. Yesterday the Zion boys enjoyed a full day of hiking, swimming and camping in the Upper Galilee.

Along with skateboarding, ping pong, swimming and team sports, martial arts is one of the physical activities enjoyed by the Zion boys. In addition to the benefits of daily exercise, each participant gains confidence in his ability to defend himself and others when necessary. Here the Zion boys receive training in Krav Maga, the Israeli self-defense system.

This past Thursday evening, the third candle lighting of Chanukah, six Zion boys celebrated their Bar Mitzvahs. Pictured are the birthday boys watching Israel's Chief Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef share words of insight and inspiration. Also shown are the Zion choir performing; The Zion band playing along; And a partial glimpse of the crowd under an outdoor tent built to keep the 250 participants nice and warm.

Zion Orphanage founder Rabbi Blumenthal was a master at empowering children with self confidence and the skills to become accomplished members of society. Featured this week is the Zion choir, an unbroken chain of tradition introduced by Rabbi Blumenthal over 70 years ago. The picture from 1954 is from the grand opening of the current Zion Orphanage location on the corner of Hoshea and Yechezkel streets in Jerusalem.

Nachman Porat, the outstanding drumming instructor in Zion Orphanage, performs professionally with the popular Israeli band Minagnim. Pictured is Nachman performing for the Zion boys along with his full band during a recent celebration. Also pictured is a Zion boy practicing drumming.

A century ago at Zion Orphanage, it was common to have 10 or more boys in one room. Today, with our highly-acclaimed "Mishpachtone" family units, each child has a maximum of three roommates. Pictured here is a Zion boy reading a book from our well-stocked Zion Library.

For the Zion boys, prayer is an opportunity to open their heart and develop their inner world. The Zion boys' prayers have a unique power, as King David states in Psalms, "God is the Father of all orphans."

Some Zion boys stopping off at a sand-filled playground on their way to the beach on the Mediterranean Sea.

A few Zion boys were treated on Thursday to a delicious dinner at a local restaurant here in Jerusalem. The dishes including individual pizzas with the toppings of their choices, milkshakes, Belgian waffles and ice cream. The occasion marked ten years since the passing of a ten year old boy who was tragically killed by a passing car. Joining the kids was the sponsoring family from Tel Aviv whose son was a close friend of the boy.

Every child cherishes the experience of riding a new bicycle, especially when it's "his own." A generous supporter from New York recently purchased beautiful new bikes for the Zion boys.

The Zion Orphanage kids wish you a happy and healthy Rosh Hashana, New Year!

Zion Orphanage is located in downtown Jerusalem on one acre of land. In the central courtyard of our campus is a jungle gym that offers the Zion boys a healthy release of energy.

A special springtime treat is an outing to the local amusement park. Here, the Zion boys gain their composure before embarking on a thrilling ride.

Every day the Zion boys return home from school at 4 p.m., in time for a hot meal and afternoon activities. Pictured are the boys enjoying a summer picnic with a staff counselor.

A Zion boy enjoying our arts and crafts program.

The Zion boys recently enjoyed delicious ice cream cones at a local favorite ice cream store. Although it's been quite cold here in Jerusalem, there was a break from the rainy weather. Besides, kids tend to like ice cream no matter what the weather.

Every Jewish boy looks forward to his Bar Mitzvah. At Zion Orphanage, we strive to make the day extra-special, with live music, dignitaries, and a lavish meal. Pictured here is a recent Bar Mitzvah celebration held across from the Western Wall.

The Zion boys look forward to our annual chess and checkers tournament. Among the many benefits of this activity is teaching the boys patience, strategy, and to carefully consider consequences before "making the next move."

Yesterday evening the Zion Orphanage shared in celebrating the dedication of our campus mini-zoo, primarily used for animal-assisted therapy. Visiting from the USA was the dedicating family along with friends, featured in this weeks picture together with some Zion boys. Following delicious pizza, ice cream cones and drinks and some words about the dedication, the visiting group and Zion boys danced with lots of enthusiasm.

In anticipation of the festive holiday of Succot, the Zion boys are busy with an arts and crafts project

Snow falls in Jerusalem only once every few years. Here the Zion boys enjoy a good-natured snowball fight in the courtyard of our Jerusalem campus.

Our ZO photography course provides new perspectives and appreciation for the world around them. The blue affect in this photo, taken by one of the Zion boys, is the result of a black light used to light up the room.

With the recent record-breaking cold in Israel, the Zion boys are grateful for their new pillows and blankets, donated by Rabbi and Mrs. Eli Mansour of the Bet Yaakob synagogue in Brooklyn, New York.

There is nothing like music to light up the soul. At ZO, musical instruments are a powerful form of self-expression and confidence builder. Pictured here is a Zion boy who has fallen in love with the drums.

A new photography course on the Zion campus began a few weeks ago. It is providing the boys with the skills and discipline to become proficient photographers – while stimulating creativity, imagination, and the expression of emotions and feelings through pictures. Each boy will choose his favorite pictures and write a series of brief descriptions. These photos will then be placed on display for all the Zion boys, staff and visitors to enjoy. This picture was taken by one of the boys in the program.

Often, a child arriving at Zion Orphanage is in survival mode. For many, the act of caring for animals, as part of our animal-assisted therapy, is an effective way to spark a turnaround in attitude. Here a Zion boy connects with animals at our popular on-campus mini-zoo.

Zion Orphanage recently celebrated the publication of a stunning book that chronicles the century-plus history of the orphanage. Our founder, Rabbi A.Y. Blumenthal, pioneered the practice of providing not just a place of refuge, but the highest standards of a stable, healthy environment

Yesterday evening the Zion kids were joined by a generous family from New York in Israel to celebrate their Bar Mitzvah. Wanting to share their joy with children less fortunate than them, the younger Zion boys thoroughly enjoyed the incredible Israeli juggler entertainer Yosef Broide, live music performed Zion's band and delicious pizza and ice cream. Mazal tov!

Teaching self-sufficiency is a constant objective in our work with the Zion boys. We recently held a cooking contest, where the boys divided into groups, each equipped with all the food and equipment needed to prepare a full-course meal. The results far exceeded exceptions, with all participants, including the judges, thoroughly enjoying the process and the delicious concoctions.

At a recent ZO Bar Mitzvah event, a popular Israeli singer stopped by to honor the Bar Mitzvah boy and give an impromptu performance. As one of Jerusalem's oldest and most respected institutions, Zion Orphanage is the beneficiary of frequent visits from leading Israeli rabbis, politicians, and performers.

This historical photo from 1967 shows Zion boys at the newly-liberated Western Wall in Jerusalem.

This week the Zion boys enjoyed an amazing day at Israels unique Yamit 2000 water park. Yamit is located in the city of Holon near Tel Aviv on 15 acres of land (60 dunams). There are 20 different kinds of slides and a variety of swimming pools including one that produces waves. There is also a spa were the boys were able to workout and relax in an array of jacuzzis.

The Zion boys have been taught that Yom Kippur, along with the holiday's physical deprivation such as fasting and refraining from wearing comfortable leather shoes, is the most meaningful and impactful day of the year. It is the day in which we focus almost exclusively on peeling away our mundane layers of superficiality in order to reach our true selves. A time designed to ignite that part deep inside of us capable injecting eternity into the rest of our being.

During the cold winter months, the Zion boys require quality blankets in order to sleep comfortably warm. A few years ago, a family of generous supporters from Brooklyn who sell comforters contacted us, insisting on providing the boys with natural goose-feather blankets. Now, to accommodate the increasing number of boys under our care, they purchased another 70 sets of comforters, down pillows and beautiful sheets.

One highlight of ZO's annual Summer Camp is rafting down the Jordan River, north of the Sea of Galilee. Due to its rich biblical and spiritual importance, the Jordan River, provides inspiration for countless songs, stories, and fun for the Zion boys.

Rabbi Reuven Elbaz, a beloved leader of Sephardic Jewry, is a frequent visitor to Zion Orphanage. Here he speaks at a Zion boy's Bar Mitzvah celebration.

Photography is one of the most popular activities at Zion Orphanage. Here, one Zion boy takes a creative photo of another, reflected in the window of his bedroom.

After a stimulating day at school, this Zion boy enjoys some gymnastics

The Zion Choir performs at an event attended by guests and dignitaries. The choir, a source of great pride and esteem for the Zion boys, has produced a CD of four songs, as well as music videos.

Our Big Brother program is a crucial component of the Zion boys' development. With all the caring and friendly teachers, house parents and therapists, none compares to the feeling of closeness and openness with a "big brother." Armed with great patience and outstanding listening skills, they walk together, go out for a bite together, study together and share life stories.

Pictured are the Zion boys enjoying a model Pesach seder in preparation of the exciting first night of Passover. Also shown are coverings for matzah, products of our arts and crafts program. The Zion Orphanage children wish you a happy and healthy festive Passover holiday!

The Zion boys enjoy an array of computer activities including games, graphics and typing documents. Aside from two separate rooms full of computers, one for the younger kids and one for the older kids, each family unit enjoys its own computer (pictured).

In anticipation of an upcoming performance, members of the Zion Choir practice their choreographic moves.

With seemingly boundless energy, Zion boys love to explore and play on our one-acre campus in the heart of Jerusalem.

Prior to summer vacation the Zion kids enjoyed an evening of entertainment featuring a show by "Nekuda Tova" (literally, "a Good Point"), an Israeli performing arts group.

During this quite a warm week here in Israel the Zion kids especially enjoyed the new ice making machine.

As Chanukah approaches, the Zion boys are hard at work designing their custom menorahs. A generous supporter recently donated the clay-baking oven which now enables the boys to produce hand-crafted earthenware gems, from start to finish.

This Saturday night, the holiday Shavuot, more than 100 Zion boys will remain awake throughout the night studying Torah and involved in meaningful activities. You can help sponsor the festive holiday meals and snacks to invigorate the Zion boys’ learning. Donate now -- and enjoy the merit of the Zion boys' Shavuot Torah study!

In the Zion Arts and Crafts program the children are hard at work. With enthusiastic anticipation the children are creating their personalized Purim masks to be worn as part of their Purim costumes.

At Zion Orphanage, we emphasize our Jewish heritage as the "People of the Book." Our full-stocked reading library provides hours of enriching activity for the Zion boys.

A Zion photography course student captured the beginnings of a cucumber grown in our agriculture course. He explains that once the flower dries up a tiny cucumber will appear. In a matter of less than three weeks a fully developed organic vegetable will be ready to be picked and enjoyed straight or cut into a salad.

Featured this week is the newly-built on-campus Zion recording studio. The Zion boys in the music program are hard at work recording and performing for the newest Zion Orphanage clip which will be made available for your enjoyment in the coming weeks.

In the days leading up to Purim, the Zion boys enjoy making their own masks. The process begins with molding a custom-fit clay masks. Once the mask is dry, each boy paints something creative. Similar to the Talmudic insight that "Just as no two faces are alike, so too each person is unique," each of the Zion boys' masks ended up being distinct.

This week Israel experienced the first rain of the winter season. It still remains warm enough, though, for the Zion kids to enjoy some water fun at a local park here in Jerusalem.

The Zion boys are full of healthy energy. Summer or winter, day or night, our new rooftop Sports Center provides protection from the elements and space for the boys to enjoy a variety of athletics including soccer, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics and more.



Experience life in Jerusalem since 1899 through the lens of Zion Orphanage.

The framed picture above the bed displays the name of this Zion boy's sponsor.

A Bar Mitzvah celebration of one of the Zion boys. Founder of the orphanage, Rabbi A.Y. Blumenthal, is pictured in the back.

Rabbi A.Y. Blumenthal in his younger and older years.

Zion Orphanage dining room in the 1930s.

Two Zion boys heading off to school. Also pictured is an orphan as he arrived at the Orphanage.

Zion Orphanage living quarters in the 1930s.

Zion boys listening to a guest speaker on campus.

Orphans entering Zion Orphanage.

Yehudayoff House, on Ezra Street.

Zion Orphanage boys in the 1920s.

Orphans arrive in their native clothes. Also pictured is a Zion boy heading off to school.

The Zion boys learning farming and agriculture in Motza, a town near Jerusalem.

Inside Yehudayoff House. Note the artistic renderings on the walls.

Chief Rabbi A. I. Kook speaking at a Zion boy's Bar Mitzvah.

The infirmary in Yehudayoff House.

Celebrating the completion of the writing of a Torah scroll.

Letter of recomendation for Zion Orphanage by Rabbi Isaac Herzog, Chief Rabbi of pre-State Israel. (1945)

Zion Orphanage children in the courtyard.

Constuction of the present location of Zion Orphanage, completed in 1960. The campus sits on an acre of land in the heart of the Geula neighborhood of Jerusalem.

A group of Zion boys during the warm summer days in Jerusalem.

The funeral of Rabbi A.Y. Blumenthal, on the corner of Yechezkel and Hoshea Streets (now called Rabbi Blumenthal Square).

Zion boys come from various descents -- Sephardi (left) and Ashkenazi (right).

A Zion boy in the 1970s praying at the Western Wall on the day of his Bar Mitzvah.

Two Zion boys celebrate their Bar Mitzvah.

A Zion boy mails a letter he prepared himself.

Rabbi Eliezer Rakovsky, director of Zion Orphanage after the passing of his grandfather, Rabbi A.Y. Blumenthal.

Zion boys walking to the Western Wall to celebrate their Bar Mitzvah.

Purim in Zion Orphanage, 1970s.

Enjoying a relaxing moment at Zion Orphanage.

Zion boys with their surrogate father, Rabbi Rakovsky who directed Zion Orphanage from 1967-1997.

Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef on one of his many visits to Zion Orphanage for a Bar Mitzvah celebration. Pictured next to him is Rabbi Baruch Rakovsky, Executive Director of Zion Orphanage.


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