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Children come to the Zion Orphanage from a very unstable environment as the result of death, illness, abuse or poverty. For the first time in their lives the children enter a stable, loving and nurturing home, paving the way for a life of accomplishment and true happiness. By sponsoring a child you will be partnering in making this wonderful transformation a reality.

Sponsoring verses adopting a child

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We are often asked how to go about adopting a child from Israel. Like many other countries, Israel does not allow their children to be “adopted out” to foreign countries. Adoption in Israel by non-Israeli citizens is rare and is possible only through the Israeli Central Agency for International Adoption. Adoptive parents must stay in Israel for the duration of the adoption process. What is possible and requires no wait is to sponsor a child in Israel. Those who choose to sponsor a child for an extended period of time will enjoy following his progress as he acquires the tools necessary for a productive and meaningful life.