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Being productive with time

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Fundamental in the rehabilitative process is for the children to remain busy throughout their waking hours. To have what to do from the moment they wake up until they lay down to sleep following an exhausting day of activities.

Is there anything more valuable than time?

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The Talmud states that being idle can lead to becoming crazy. Therefore, simply keeping busy is beneficial. How much more so is being productive with time. For most of the ZO children, Torah study occupies the first part of the day and assorted training and extra-curricular activities fill the latter part of the day. Exercising includes martial arts, gymnastics, volleyball, soccer, basketball and swimming. Training includes computer graphics, photography, electronics, playing musical instruments, singing in the choir, computer proficiency, learning to speak English, cooking, as well as arts and crafts. In addition the children benefit from speech therapy and animal-assisted therapy.