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Zion Orphanage
The World's Oldest Active Jewish Orphanage



Striving to provide each boy with all his needs

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Our Staff

R' Baruch Rakovsky

The Executive Director (CEO) and direct descendant of the founder of The Zion Orphanage, oversees all of the activities in the home.

Mrs. Rivka Rakovsky

Granddaughter of the founder and Director of the Orphanage.

R' Gershon Unger


Itzik Rosenbloom

Director of the children's extra-curricular activities.

Menachem Avitan

Krav Maga - Israeli Martial Arts

Ilana Rosenbloom

The Orphanage house nurse (and wife of Itzik).

R' Asher Jacobs

Head of our Yagdil Torah High School program

Yishai Blumenthal

The Jerusalem branch head of The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, is our animal-assisted therapist.

Faigy Glick

Animal-assisted therapist

Adina & Avichai Chazut

Home Group parents (Mishpachtone)

Moshe Miller

Child Psychologist

Nachman Porat

Drum teacher

Yochai Leshem

Child Psychologist

Joseph Kaplan

Wrestling Instructor

Jacob Shapira

Child Psychologist

Asher Horonchick

Photography Instructor

Asher Jungreis

Adolescent Social Worker

Gabi Elesry

Senior counselor

R' Yose Avitan

Mentor for our Yagdil Torah high school program

Shalom Kinnory

Choir instructor

Ovadia Siri


Aryeh Yona

Head Counselor, serving over 30 years

R' Eliyahu Nitanyan

Head of our Shifty High School Program

Michael Buchboot

Big brother for the Yagdil Torah high school program

Yichiel Sachy

Social worker for high school programs

Shimon Amzelig

Drums instructor

Yonaton Shlomo

Guitar instructor

Yose Nitanyan

Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Zion Orphanage

Yonason Hill

Guitar and voice teacher

Shuky Attia

Teacher for Yagdil Torah high school program

Shalom Elchanan Elbaum

English Teacher

Yosef Eden