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Connecting through Prayer

Prayer has always been recognized by the Jewish people as a pillar on which the world stands. It serves as a fundamental human need to reach above and beyond one's limited and mundane existence. Throughout the history of mankind prayer has presented an opportunity to open up one's heart and speak with The Creator.

Anyone who sincerely desires an intimate relationship with God can experience closeness with Him. King Solomon writes in his book, Proverbs, that He relates to a person in the same way a person relates to Him.

Complexity of thought and depth of feeling occur as a person grows older. As a result, an adult is capable of having a far deeper and profound attachment to God than a child. Just as the potential for depth of closeness from an adult's expanded consciousness and awareness of existence may occur, the possibility for the opposite, a feeling of distance and disconnectedness, may just as easily happen.

For many, the fast pace lifestyle of today can greatly hinder the development of their inner world, the world from which people are capable of sincerely connecting to The Source of Existence. As a result, people may be left with placing all hope in the environment in which they live. This can make it more difficult connecting to The Sublime.

Children and Prayer

Children, especially those who are still young enough to view themselves and the world around them with innocence simplicity, are capable of producing prayers capable of piercing the heavens in a way that only the most focused and refined adults are capable of generating. True, as they call out to God they lack the depth of intimacy and feeling of closeness an adult is capable of experiencing. However, the purity and simplicity of their prayers are capable of producing a highly potent and transcending message to the upper worlds. This is the power of children's prayers.

King David states in his Psalms, "God is The Father of all orphans". As such, homeless children are more likely to turn, in prayer, directly to The Source of all Blessings.

Every week the notes containing submitted prayers and requests are deposited in our main synagogue and read in the presence of the children.

Soldiers have been saved on the battlefield, patients have recovered from incurable illnesses, women have given birth to healthy children after years of barrenness, marriage partners have been found after much searching, and more. These and more show the unique power in the sincere prayers of the Zion Orphanage children.

Prayer and YOU

One final note: Your personal sincerity and hope for your prayer to be answered are of great significance. It is, therefore, highly recommended that you pray for the desired outcome as well. In addition, providing support for the children praying on your behalf demonstrates to God that, just as you are providing for His children, He will provide for you. If you do choose to donate, please visit our donation campaign and mention that a prayer request has been submitted.