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Honoring the Deceased with Kaddish

To honor your loved one through Kaddish please fill in this form.

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A person's impact on this world determines eternal reward. This impact is created by a combination of what a person achieves in his or her lifetime, along with the living legacy that is left behind.

Kaddish is a public proclamation that God's name will be sanctified. It is an expression of the belief and hope that the awareness of God in this world will increase and ultimately be recognized by all. Even the highest spiritual beings cannot replicate this awesome act. Only human beings live in a realm where free will exists. The angels have no choice but to call out "Holy, Holy, Holy", in response to each taste of the awesomeness of The Creator. It is only mankind that possesses the free will to voluntarily proclaim, "May His great Name be blessed forever and ever".

The Zion Orphanage offers to recite Kaddish and study Mishanyot in honor of your loved ones. Kaddish will be said and Mishanyot will be studied daily during for the first year of passing, and subsequently on the day of the Yahrzeit, the anniversary day of passing. Reminders will be sent to the loved one's family prior to the Yahrzeit.